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Only The Barren Can Miraculously Conceive

“Only the barren can miraculously conceive.”

I heard Beth Moore say this years ago, and it never left my mind. It applies to physical barrenness of the womb, but also situational barrenness. This morning I am reminded how my family is poised for the miracle God is doing. That the doctors had told us that Mom will stay on the ventilator, but God is proving that is not the case. She was off for 12 hours and we believe she will be off for 24 hours. That God is completely restoring her body so her later years she will be stronger than her former ones.

My middle name is Faith. For very long time I thought it was ironic because I thought I lacked faith. Over the last few decades I have come to embrace and be thankful that faith is my birthright. Not just because my parents named me it, but because I am a daughter of The One Who Put The Stars Into Place.

Over the last few months God has been taking me deeper and deeper into what faith really means. This morning He is taking me deeper into the role fear has played in my life. How the enemy of my soul whispers something in the dark that sounds so true and I let that thought take root in my heart; in my mind, which influences my emotions and affects my will.

The last two and a half months I have felt waves of doubt crashing over me and there have been moments when I have embraced them. Moments when I have not run to The One Who Loves Me Most.

But God in His goodness reminds me that it is only when I am in the deep waters where my feet can’t touch, can I experience His miraculous power.

The places where if God doesn’t come through for me I’m done. Those are the places where I can see Him move miraculously. But in the natural I want to control. I want to know. I want to be able to make it happen. And it’s in that desire for control I unknowingly remove myself from the place where God can bless me until once again life’s circumstances remind me that my control is a false ideology.

Where ever you are today, whatever doubts and battles your face, whatever circumstances have fear knocking at your heart’s door, gripping you in a way that threatens to paralyze you, I pray you are encouraged. I pray that you are reminded that the God who sees you loves you. That the God who created all of you is crazy about you. That He is always near you, inviting you to invite him in every situation. And He is moving and invites you into His story.


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