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Meet Danee DeKonty Sledge: the writer behind Fellow Sojourner


I’ve been writing as long as I can remember but like so many of us, I kept my writing to myself for many years. Then in my early 20’s I was

given the amazing opportunity to travel the world and work with different people groups helping in practical ways and sharing the love of God.


Through these travels I started to recognize that we all have a story to tell, and I determined I want my life to be transparent. Through my words, I hope to encourage others on this wonderful journey of life. My path has taken many twists and turns as I continue to grow in the truth of who God created me to be, the theme of my writing is often freedom found through the cross of Christ because for many years I missed this crucial aspect of the Gospel.

Like many modern Christians, I spent more time concerned about what I should and shouldn’t do as a follower of Christ as opposed to who I am in Him. Like a person who has escaped a burning building, I now have a passion for walking alongside others as they walk out their personal journey of healing.


In addition to writing, I love being out in nature, dancing with my friends, making a mess with paint, glue and paper in order to create something beautiful, and I so appreciate the crackle a record adds to any song.


If you’ve stumbled upon this blog of babbles of my heart, my prayer is that through my writing you will see an honest vulnerability about my struggles and triumphs while being challenged to look at your own view of God, His Word, and what it means to be loved by The One Who Put The Stars Into Place. I believe that it is only through embracing all of life, both the pain and the joy, and seeing it in light of the love of God can we walk in freedom the way we were created to live.


If you find yourself in a place of longing to live life to the fullest and are tired of cliches and mirages that often bombard us, you have found yourself someone who is walking the same path as you: a fellow sojourner in this life.

Many of us have felt the sting of a wound to the heart, and there is nothing like the comfort found in the company of people who know us well and accept us.Scorpions, Scones and Your Favorite Playlist will serve as a twenty-one day soundtrack for you conversation with God. Along the way you will be challenged to look at the condition of your own heart and be given a guide to asking the deeper questions pertaining to its wounds.  Everyone’s journey is different, but our Heavenly Father longs to heal all our hearts so we can live out this journey in freedom.

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