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I have known Danee for years and have had the privilege of seeing her in action caring for and guiding children and parents to be their best. Danee has been gifted in a very special way that children are drawn to her and respond well to her. I have always admired her ability to see past a child’s behavior to see the inner struggle going on in a child’s heart. She has helped me focus on what matters when it comes to parenting. Danee has been and is a valuable resource to me, especially now that I am a stay at home mom.


When I’m struggling to work through some of the challenging behaviors that come with the wonderful world of toddlerhood, Danee is just a phone call away! The wisdom and suggestions she gives are practical and clear. I appreciate the way she presents her advice in a way that is not condensing and she doesn’t make me feel like I am failing at the difficult task of motherhood. She is like my own personal cheerleader and coach standing on the sidelines reminding me I am a great mom. And reminding me that the investment of providing structure and loving discipline that focuses on my child’s heart attitudes (versus only her behavior) will pay off. And I can have fun while parenting! 


My 3 year old LOVES Danee! I highly recommend her expertise! Whatever the challenge...Danee to the rescue!

Cindy Buckler

Stay at home mother

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I am blessed to say that Danee Dekonty was my nanny for 7 years, helping me to raise and guide my two daughters from newborn / 3 years old until the ages of

7 and 10.  Danee was an invaluable

part of our family and gets a lot of

credit when my girls are

complimented on their solid good

manners and advanced people skills.

Danee is very knowledgeable, patient, and caring with kids and has a strong background in counseling that I think she draws on frequently both with the kids and sometimes with me as a parent.  


She firmly stands on her promises, and the girls knew when she meant business because she was always consistent but fair in her rules and expectations.  However, she is also fun, engaging, crafty, intuitive, and never too busy or too "adult" to get on the kids' level and have as much fun (or more) than the kids have!


When we were struggling with any emotional issues with the girls, she was always very aware of what was going on in their minds and hearts.  She truly was involved with them on a personal and emotional level and often helped me identify ways to improve situations or helped the girls learn better ways to respond to their emotions or surroundings in healthy ways. 

I can not recommend Danee more, she's the best!
Stacy Grein

Education Sales Consultant at Elsevier Inc.

Danee was recommended to us from a neighbor who had used her services for years. She has always been professional and easy to work with, and quite obviously loves kids. She keeps things easy for them letting them know exactly what is and isn't allowed. Not only does she help the children though, she is a wonderful asset to the parents; always looking for ways to help

simplify and organize life.  It's nice to know

that you can find someone who wants to

help. It's not easy and I think we could all

use a little extra help from time to time. 

Jennifer McCarren

Owner Freckled Flower Photography & Design


We have known Danee for several years and have always admired her dedication to children. Last year we found ourselves in need of help as our regular nanny required medical leave.  Danee agreed to help us without hesitation and seamlessly integrated herself into our busy lives.  She has an amazing gift of being able to be present and helpful to all members of the family while somehow still allowing us to be ourselves.  Additionally, she has an incredible ability to identify emotional needs in children.  With two active boys it's easy to overlook the emotional aspects of their needs but she was able to help us focus on this in a very positive way.  My children loved her instantly and continue to have a great relationship with her.  I would highly recommend her and am thrilled that she is making her services available to more families.

Maggie Keeling


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