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Do you wish that your home was a more peaceful environment?

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Despite all the books and articles out there on how to raise children, do you still often feel like you don’t have the tools you need to get your children to listen and show respect?

With over 20 years experience working with children, I’ve been able to learn that they have basic core needs. Having grown a passion for coming alongside parents and helping them create a peaceful home environment, I have created some useful tools for parents of modern kids. Despite all the resources available, parenting in today’s world is very difficult. From knowing what boundaries to establish to which battles to fight, too often parents find themselves not enjoying being around their kids. If you find yourself in this situation please contact me for a consultation. 

How can Danee help you?

After over twenty years of working with children I have discovered that it is often not as complicated as we think it is. Don’t get me wrong, to parent well is not as easy job, but it is often more simple than we have been led to believe. There are a few basic principles that I have seen revolutionize how children behave and how adults can enjoy being around them.

If you have a child with behavior problems or are a new parent and would like to know how to establish a home that is peaceful where you can really enjoy your kids, I would love to help you. I believe it takes a village and know that parenting well is easier when someone comes alongside you.

Our initial consultation will be around three hours where we have a chance to talk about the problems you are facing and areas where you would like to see change. Because parenting is different based on individuals I will help you come up with a doable game plan and some next steps.

Then we will schedule several follow up visits where I join you in the home and help implement what we discussed at our initial consultation. If it sounds a little overwhelming, don’t worry. That is why I’m here for you.

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We have known Danee for several years and have always admired her dedication to children. Last year we found ourselves in need of help as our regular nanny required medical leave.  Danee agreed to help us without hesitation and seamlessly integrated herself into our busy lives.  She has an amazing gift of being able to be present and helpful to all members of the family while somehow still allowing us to be ourselves.  Additionally, she has an incredible ability to identify emotional needs in children.  With two active boys it's easy to overlook the emotional aspects of their needs but she was able to help us focus on this in a very positive way.  My children loved her instantly and continue to have a great relationship with her.  I would highly recommend her and am thrilled that she is making her services available to more families.

Maggie Keeling


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