I am not one to make big purchases lightly. I'm annoying when it comes to things like phones and other electronics because even when I've saved up the money for something, I just don't always wanna pull the trigger and spend a large amount of money that could be used elsewhere. But the dichotomy I live in is I like quality. Most of my wardrobe is made up of clothes that will last several years before falling apart. But one lesson my mother taught me was everything goes on sale, and more specifically everything eventually goes on clearance. So even though I have a lot of nice clothes, I can rest easy because I got most everything for 50-70% off. In fact, there is an amazing thrift store that

Waiting For All The Pieces

Anyone who knows me halfway well knows I have been working on a project the last year that I know is from God. God has confirmed it in my heart and through other people time and time again, yet it remains that: an unfinished project or my first book to be more specific. At first I put it down because the content was too personal. There was one chapter that after I finished it I felt like I had been through a war. I literally had to just hang out with God for a month to wrap my head around it all and allow Him to bring me into a deeper place of healing. You see, the book is called "Scorpions, Scones, and Red Solo Cups" and is about allowing God to heal the wounds of our hearts. So it's only

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