Tonal Effect

Working with kids I end up talking a lot about tone of voice. When I started nannying again five and a half years ago I started to notice a lack of respect had become common with a lot of kids. Whether on the playground or the ballfields I was shocked to hear how kids talked to each other and even adults. In this I have realized how much I value someone’s tone in how they speak to me to, and I have come face to face with the many times I have been lazy with my tone. The weight of the responsibility of shaping young lives has served as a mirror to convict me of how I need to be aware of my tone also. And as the kids get older it’s talked about even more. Teaching someone how to argue with

Perspective Shift

This morning I had some time to sit and be alone before the sun came up. I enjoyed looking out the window and seeing the dark sky slowly fill with light as the day began. Then the sun began to rise higher and higher and got to a point where it was visible through the trees. It was so beautiful I snapped a picture to post because in the heart of winter I love being reminded that spring and warm days are on their way. But then as the sun was coming into full view of where I was sitting it started to blind me. I mean it was so bright I had to adjust my position on the couch so the rays were hidden behind the wall. I giggled at myself because what I had been enjoying became so intense that I had

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