Just Because You Can...

When it comes to working out, I’m not a fan of cardio, especially on the treadmill or the elliptical. I get bored too easily and honestly have a hard time keeping a decent pace up. I usually end up doing it halfheartedly and it ends up being a waste of my time. But I love hiking and jogging outside, more specifically on trails. Last week I was on my favorite trails and ended up doing a loop so the hills that were ascending the first half, and quite daunting for my asthmatic 37 year old heart, were a breeze on the way back. There’s one place in particular that tries to kill me each time I go up it, but I found myself having a blast and picking up some decent speed on the way down, until I not

When you're Just Not Feelin It...

Glimpses of contentment: when all is right in my soul and I feel connected to the God of the universe. In my life there have been times when God feels so close I wonder why I have ever doubted his love. Then there are times when I wake up and everything feels so... ordinary. Not just ordinary but lacking any hope of the spark that fuels you for days. This morning is one of those times and I have to be honest, it’s been rough because I am coming off a time of feeling close to God. For me this year Lent has just been amazing. I have taken time to say no to most social events and have been hanging out with God more intentionally, and it’s been easy to do because I have felt so close to Him.

Going Back To What You Know

I don’t know about you, but there are times when I open my Bible to start reading, and well, it feels more laborious than engaging with God. I must say there are many times I just don’t feel like reading it and a lot of that has to do with not knowing what to read next. I love the Old Testament, and it’s where I spend most of my time reading. There’s so many amazing stories and the imageries between the physical world and the spiritual world are endless. What’s more, is the redemptive power of Christ can be found throughout the Old Testament, and as someone who enjoys the sci-fi and fantasy genre, the stories speak so deeply to my soul. But like the end of a Netflix marathon when you reach

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