Finding Encouragement in The Boring Begats

I’m reading the book of Ezra, and in chapter two it hits you with a bunch of begats... So and so begat so and so who begat so and so who begat so and so... At least that is what my mind thinks when I see a long list of names. Of course I don’t read a version of the Bible that uses the word “begat” anymore because well, there are more easily understandable translations available. But somewhere in my childhood I was introduced to the long list of names and it always seemed to be people who begat people and I tend to check out. In theory I know those names are important and have heard pastors talk about the who’s who of those who were begotten, but for me I like to skip over them. Hence the use

The Longest Eight Hours

When I first arrived in my new home halfway around the world I was 21 and naive about how naive I was. I was hooked on nicotine and caffeine to an extent that shocked me. I had lived sleep deprived for so many years that the toll of jet lag and withdrawal left me in bed unable to even get up to eat. I slept 36 of my first 48 hours in Hungary. When I first signed up to move to Budapest for six months, I wasn’t exactly sure why, but I just knew I needed to go. Looking back, I believe God gave me that desire knowing it would altar my life and my relationship with Him and set me on a course for a journey I didn’t even know to dream of. By journey I’m not talking about the great adventures ac

Enjoying the Ordinary

Everybody’s working for the weekend... Or everybody’s working for a vacation or the next big something. I was never aware of how much time I spent looking forward to the next big event or Friday night out on the town until I met someone whose life seemed to be all about the next big thing. She was a very unhappy person, despite leading a great life surrounded by people who loved her. Her focus was always on the upcoming thing to make her happy which, of course, never lived up to her expectations. Knowing such a miserable person caused me to stop and take a good look at my own life. When I found myself also putting too much stock on the next big event, I stopped and started to learn how t

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