Not My Story To Tell

I love going to the movies. From the smell of popcorn when you enter the theater to the credits rolling at the end, going to see a movie in a theater is one of my favorite things to do. I get enthralled quickly and often forget that they aren't supposed to include audience participation. I have been known to scream, yell warnings, throw my fists in the air, and cry. In fact, when there's a lot of action, if you're sitting next to me, you may get elbowed because I am so into it, and I make no apologizes. Warnings yes, but not apologizes because in the theater, in the moment, and caught up in all a movie has to offer is one of my happy places. One movie in particular I was excited to see was E

Despite Our Best Intentions

My roommate has a magnet on the refrigerator that says "We plan... God laughs!" and I'll be honest, most days I don't like that little magnet because I know that The Bible instructs us to be wise in our daily plans, so it bugs me because it's not the full truth. But I was reminded again today that there is truth behind this little saying. You see the last couple of weeks I have found myself fighting to not be overwhelmed. I have had a couple unfinished things hanging over my head and I am not the type of person who is spurred on my these kinds of things. Nope, I'm an under-functioner so when I feel feel overwhelmed, like a turtle, I retreat to my safe little shell and instead of attacking on

Not Being Brave

Trues confession time: I'm not brave, at least I don't feel like it a lot of the time. That may shock some people who know bits and pieces of my story because I am someone who will pack up her life in a couple suitcases, sell her car, and move halfway around the world without much thought. But staying put, that is something I have to force myself to do. Because when you stay put, people learn how to read your BS over time. When you stay put, you risk hurting people who you actually care about, or worse disappointing them. When you stay put you either live behind a protective wall with a safe, boring life or choose vulnerability and risk the pain but live a grand adventure. I'm also the perso

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