Came In As Fear But Left As Awe And Trust

It was a normal Monday afternoon at work full of normal Monday things. I had packed the girls’ lunches for school the next day and was about to fold some laundry while they slept when what I thought to be a normal Spring thunderstorm came rolling through. Then I started to hear the “ping, ping” of hail and thanked God I wasn’t out driving in it (hail for a jeep driver in the spring is never a good thing). Then as it started to come down harder I lamented that I hand’t pulled my friends’ car under the carport and prayed for no damage. As I was in the middle of this thought the storm started to turn violent and I realized I needed to check the weather. As I whipped out my phone I saw we were

What Did He See?

What Did He See? For those of us who are followers of Christ, we hang our lives on the knowledge that Jesus came, lived a sinless life, was killed in our place as the perfect sacrifice doing away with the need of shedding of blood for forgiveness of sins, and on the third day, came back to life. He is now seated in heaven and somehow we are seated with Him and have right standing before God. We are forgiven, redeemed, holy, and saints. For the last four years I have wrestled intensely with what it means to have our identity in Him. I’ve also wondered from time to time what it was like for Jesus when He was dead. Nothing is written about the time between His crucifixion and resurrection a

Irrational Anxiety

**Let me give a small disclaimer, in the particular post I’m just being flat out honest about a personal struggle that has been lingering the past few months. When first reading it, if you know me, you may be tempted to give me a little pep talk or encouragement, but that’s not what it’s about. In the end I found all the encouragement I need and recognized the anxiety that was trying to rear it’s head was a lie from the enemy of my soul. I’m praying that anyone who reads this sees the real intention of my writing, which is that when we take all our fears and anxieties to God, He is so faithful to restore our peace. Your struggle may be whether or not you have what it takes to cut it at work

The Price Of Grace

Teaching grace to a six year old is hard... When she was four she had one of those days in school. You know the kind when you’re just done and go about acting a fool. Well for this sweet girl, that included having a full on fit, in front of her teachers and friends. When I picked her up in carpool line and her teacher started to tell me what happened that day, I couldn’t get my eyes off the sweet face in my rearview mirror. I watched as in a split second shame came over the face of the one I love so much. I wanted to yell at her teacher to shut up and take the precious one in my arms but I waited till we pulled over to talk. I told her I loved her and that she was already disciplined in sc

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