The Beauty In The Pain Of Tested Faith

It’s easy to delve out advice when you’re living in a fairy tale. The other day I was watching something on TV and there was this sweet, young couple who had recently gotten engaged. They really were precious and so full of faith. Many of the answers they gave to the interviewer were simple and to the point. Each one Biblically sound, but because of their naivety of life, their answers came across a bit disingenuous, and you could tell the interviewer has his doubts as to the validity of this couple’s wisdom. Having grown up knowing Jesus, I understood a lot of their answers, and fifteen years ago I would have sounded much like they did. However, now, despite having faith and knowing so de

Living in Cyan...

So by nature I am a pretty black and white kinda person. For years I didn't really know this about myself, I just assumed everyone was the same way as me. Then one day I was having a hard time with something and a friend simply said, "You like black and white and this is a shade of gray and you just don't know what to do with it." Years later I found myself taking a counseling class and the teacher asked us to pretend she had had 64 count box of Crayola crayons in her hand and to pretend she dumped them all out on the floor. Then she said she was removing the black and white crayons. From that point on, in that class we were allowed to think and express ourselves in 62 colors, but black and

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