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Stored Up Treasures

In the last couple of years I have started making hardbound journals and memory books. They started off as gifts and before everything happened in the last few weeks, I was in the process of selling them at markets and trying to get them into boutiques. But the book I was most excited about was the one I had been planning for my wedding. It was going to be the first one I had ever made with the intention of keeping and I was so excited to make it a place for guests to sign and leave little messages. Then going back and adding pictures and memories from the day.

Up until January of this year I had never kept one of the journals I made. Although I loved my life’s circumstances, I never could get fired up over a whole journal full of other people’s kids and you can only print off so many pictures of trails you’ve hiked in Georgia before they all start to look the same. I was living a beautiful, simple life that was full of more content moments than not, but there just weren’t a lot of pictures and memories to fill up a book. Until December last year when I felt God putting on my heart to take one of the journals I had already made and start documenting 2020. My first few days were filled with things God told me and hikes with friends and my favorite goldendoodle. Little did I know that journal would become key to keeping track of all the amazing things God had planned for me the last few months. For years I had look forward to being able to create my own wedding book so hen Chris and I got engaged I had so much fun picking out papers and stickers, tags and frames to fill our wedding book. This morning as I set up my little work space in my new desk, I came across all the beautiful red, teal, and white things I had bought for our book. I found the box for my new Bible that will be used at the base of the book and was again reminded of God’s timing in our wedding. Of all the things I didn’t rush to get together and now have time to focus on. I will have time to dye paper that needs to be dyed and let all the paint and glue dry before adding anything else. I can play with page layouts and make sure it all flows perfectly. I can take my time with this book that will become a family heirloom in a way I’ve never taken my time creating. What a gift to treasure and store up in moments when fear of the unknowing comes knocking at my door. Every time I pull out the supplies to work on the book, and every time I see the completed piece, I will be reminded that even though I don’t know what the future holds, my The One Who Loves Me Most does and He is working all things out for my good. What treasures do you have that serve as reminders in the darker times? In the Old Testament they had a tradition of building altars of remembrance. Along roads there would be seemingly random piles of rocks that served as a physical reminder of what God had done. That way people could go back with their kids and tell the story of God’s faithfulness. Today I am praying over everyone who reads this to have moments where you see God obviously moving in your life. That even if your are greatly affected by all the is going on, you will feel the experience of the peace that comes from knowing there is a Heavenly Daddy who is watching out for us. And I am praying we will all have stolen moments with The One Who Put The Stars Into Place.

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