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Finding Encouragement in The Boring Begats

I’m reading the book of Ezra, and in chapter two it hits you with a bunch of begats... So and so begat so and so who begat so and so who begat so and so... At least that is what my mind thinks when I see a long list of names. Of course I don’t read a version of the Bible that uses the word “begat” anymore because well, there are more easily understandable translations available. But somewhere in my childhood I was introduced to the long list of names and it always seemed to be people who begat people and I tend to check out.

In theory I know those names are important and have heard pastors talk about the who’s who of those who were begotten, but for me I like to skip over them. Hence the use of a study guide in my reading of Ezra. It helps me learn from the begats in a way I couldn’t on my own. The truth is in Ezra the names are a list of exiles who returned and it's not even a history of lineage, but it is so engrained in me that when I see a list of names it’s the boring “begats”. But this morning amidst the list of names something hit me about the beauty of it. All of those names serve as a visual reminder that we have role to play in God’s story... Think about it, as boring as it may seem, each person mentioned in a long list of other people was loved and created by the One Who Holds The Stars Into Place. Just like you and me, they were known by God. Their story mattered so much they were included in The Story. Do you know what your role is in His story? Are you actively seeking and doing what He called and designed for you when He dreamed of you before your conception?

Do you even know He has a role for you? That God has a plan for you? That He created you for this time and this place to do something so unique to you that no one else can do it? If not, open up the book of Ezra, or Numbers, or Genesis and look at those long lists of names. It often doesn’t say what their role was, but it was important enough for God to record their names for us to see. And while our adventure may never be recorded for history to know our names, a future and role in The Kingdom has been planned out for us that is beyond anything we can imagine. Be encouraged by the begats to walk in everything God has created for you today. Because He did create this day and alone knows exactly the best way it could go....

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