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Glimpses Of Heaven

Every winter I find myself sleeping more and laughing less. I just feel kinda blah. It usually takes me a month or so to remember that this is the pattern. It has nothing to do with the actual circumstances of my life, nor does it reflect anything that's going on within me. It's just a reminder that because how I'm wired, I crave the warmth of the sun and the long days that occur as Winter comes to an end.

It's January in Ga, but the last few days have been very warm. The temperatures have hit the 60's, but it's been rainy... Even though I can't see the sun behind the gray skies, I'm reminded by the warm temperatures that it's still there. And that makes my heart smile... The other day I was enjoying driving with my windows down and became aware that my heart was smiling. And in light of how I'd been blah the last few weeks, the joy felt even sweeter in contrast. And it hit me again how even the changes in weather give me a glimpse of Heaven. The physical world is one big reminder the spiritual world. One reason I love the Old Testament is all the imagery and the glimpses of heaven and the cross. The more I come to understand the heart of the Father, the more clearly I see how He gives us such beautiful reminders through the physical world. Even how winter turns to spring is a reminder of how we were born dead and separated from Him, but through the cross, we experience new life; like that of the budding flowers. So the other day when I was driving on a gray, overcast day, I was able to inhale the warm air generated from the sun I was unable to see. And I had a glimpse of heaven... For as Paul reminds us of something we innately know, this world is not our home... When God made this world, he made some amazing things and there is much to enjoy, but even this beauty we see is only a reflection of the True Beauty. All around us are glimpses of heaven that serve to remind us something beyond our comprehension awaits us...

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