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Did Heaven Make A Sound...

This morning I started a new Bible reading plan for Advent that looked at Elizabeth & Zacharias and how their faith played a roll in the birth of The Messiah. That got me wondering what heaven was like before the birth of Jesus over 2,000 years ago. I started to wonder how all these events affected the world we never see. When Mary was pregnant did the angels quietly hover over her like an overprotective sibling; watching her every move and making sure no harm came to her? And when she did stumble, because she lived in a fallen world, did they want to catch her every time? Would The Father have to remind them that although she is chosen, it will not be easy. She must walk the route before her...

And what was is like the moment the Holy Spirit came upon Mary and she was "overshadowed" by His power and became pregnant (Luke 1:35). What a beautiful thing for Mary to experience with her God. No one around. No human eyes to witness her encounter with The Most High... I imagine it was breathtaking and the kind of moment when we are reminded of our smallness and the bigness of our God and there is such comfort found in His deep profound love for us. Years ago I was able to travel to the Swiss Alps and we stayed in a hostel that was above the clouds and below some others. I remember standing there surrounded by a beauty and a scale of nature that I never even could have dreamed of. I was in awe of how small my life really is. I was reminded of how unfathomably big God is. The weight of it would have been crushing, but I knew that despite my insignificance and despite His greatness, He loves me so much that what was at first terrifying became an indescribable comfort. That's how I imagine Mary felt... But what of the angels? The world still turned and they still fought on behalf of God's children. Did they all stop and set their gaze toward the young girl about to become home for God? Or was it a moment just between God and Mary? Did He even tell the angels or were they all busy doing whatever angels do, unaware The Savior was going down to earth at that moment... And what about The Father.... From the beginning He knew this was the plan. He knew what lay ahead for His Son. He knew all that was in store for the One He loves so much, and still He sent His Son for us. Despite the pain of learning how to walk, teething, and falling down and scraping His knee, The Father sent His Son. Knowing He would expierence the pain of that first crush who doesnt return any affection, the pain of loosing a friend, and everything that comes from lonliness and no one really knowing you on the deepset level, The Father still sent His Son. How The Father's heart must have ached knowing the cross lay ahead for Jesus. Knowing He would be beaten and mocked. Knowing He would be stripped and left, becoming an easy target for those seeking someone to take the focus off themselves. He would be accused and lied about. He would die alone, feeling the weight of all our sins. I can't imagine. My owns sins' weight has often left me debilitated and helpless. What it must have been like for The Father to know the weight of all our sins lay in store for His Son... I wonder what holy pain feels like? I can't imagine, because when I think of all this I just wish it could have stopped. My heart aches for another way. An easier way... But knowing this was the way, The Father did the unthinkable. The Holy Spirit placed the 3rd member of The Trinity into the womb of a woman, of a girl barely more than a child... What were The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit's final words to each other in Their holy form? It would be thirty-something years before they met like that again. But then again They exist outside of time, so were words necessitated? Or did they, void of human frailty, simply do what they knew had to be done. Despite the pain that lay in wait, did they silently go to Mary and comfort her with Their presence... Did Jesus enter humanity with a cosmic boom, silent to the world below? Or did all heaven reverently watch an the unimaginable happened? When God entered mankind, did heaven make a sound?

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