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Is a day with me as much fun as a trip to Trader Joe's?

I really do love going to Trader Joe's, and I try not to throw the word love around. It's not the deep, long suffering and tried kind of love, but rather the, "I know I am going to leave with a big 'ole smile on my face" kind of love. Yesterday I was checking out, listening to the fun banter of the cashiers, noticing the beach motif and just the air of merriment that is always found there, when I realized how much fun it is making a trip to that cute little store. I made note of all the affordable, organic, and natural things I can buy and was proud of myself because I only got 1 thing that wasn't on my list (a list is very important because without it you will

end up with a cart full of Powerberries, chocolate covered frozen banana chips, flaxseed tortillas chips, dehydrated strawberries, and a host of other great things). For the first time, I also realized being in there was like stepping into a little beachside store. The colors on the walls, the wooden cashier stations... and I do so LOVE going to the beach. And as I was in my own little world my cashier and the lady in front of me pulled me into their conversation and of course I was more than happy to join in. We laughed and the sweet woman complimented my smile, as she realized she needed a cart because although her purchases fit into the basket she carried, once they were bagged, she didn't have enough hands to carry them to the car. So I offered her my cart and explained how I try and never buy more than I can carry out without a buggy; it helps me stay on budget. We wished each other good days as the cashier pulled the lady behind me into our conversation. I had actually remembered to bring my reusable bags and had my favorite one which has my motto on it, "I'm only as strong as the coffee I drink and the hairspray I use." This got a great conversation going which I assume was carried on with the next person in line. As I was leaving, I was so aware of the smile on my face and that's when it hit me: I really do love going to Trader Joe's. But not because of what I can get or how it reminds me of the beach, although I know that is part of it. It's more than that though. Trader Joe's is kind of like the Disneyworld of grocery stores. That may sound weird, but if you ever have had a chance to look at how Disney was set up, everything from the cleanliness of the streets to the smiles on the people are part of the plan. You see Disney takes care of their people so the employees love working there and it shows to the patrons. I have a feeling Trader Joe's has a similar mentality behind the way it's run. There is a reason a trip there is so enjoyable and it doesn't just happen. This got me wondering, "Is hanging out with me as much fun as a trip to Trader Joe'e?"... I hope that when people know they are going to be spending time with me at a certain function or if someone randomly seems me at a grocery store, they aren't tempted to pull out their phone and have a fake conversation to avoid pleasantries. I really do pray that when people, whether I know them well or we've only met once, think of me they get a smile on their face like I do at the thought of Trader Joe's. But just like the marketing and running of a company is vital, people enjoying me being around is never going to happen unless it's on purpose. If I don't take care of the behind the scenes stuff (like making sure a stockroom has all it needs), then it will show in my conversations with people. Or if I don't take care of myself physically (much like how Trader Joe's keeps up their wonderful beach motif) then I will not have the energy, desire, or drive to engage fully with everyone I meet. The correlations are endless, but the point is I wonder... Is a day with me as much fun as a trip to Trader Joe's? And when it's not, I know I need to hop in my Jeep, get away with GOD and ask Him, what's going on behind the scenes that's showing up on the outside...

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