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From when we first enter this world, and sometimes even in our mother’s womb, our hearts are under attack because we live in a fallen world. Whether it’s a father or mother who in their humanity didn’t see what you are needing, a teacher who passes over the poem you’ve written, or a coach who benches you because you’re not the fastest, our hearts are wounded from early on. It could be a classmate who mocks your favorite shirt or a girlfriend who dumps you for the stronger guy, but the assaults on our hearts are many.

What happens to any wound that is left untreated? It gets infected. It festers and the infection spreads. The same thing happens to our hearts. In middle school someone points out the thing we are most insecure about, and for the rest of our lives we carry around the lie that everyone noticed our weaknesses and we must hide them.

The only way for an infected wound to be healed is to have the dirty bandage removed, lance the wound and allow all the infection and toxins to drain. In the same way, the wounds of our hearts must be treated, but many of us have never been shown how to do this, so we just slap a bandaid on it and move on. All the while the toxins of our wounded hearts are seeping into every aspect of our lives.


Many of us have felt the sting of a wound to the heart, and there is nothing like the comfort found in the company of people who know us well and accept us. Scorpions, Scones and Your Favorite Playlist will serve as a twenty-one day soundtrack for you conversation with God. Along the way you will be challenged to look at the condition of your own heart and be given a guide to asking the deeper questions pertaining to its wounds. Everyone’s journey is different, but our Heavenly Father longs to heal all our hearts so we can live out this journey in freedom.


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What People are saying about Scorpions, Scones, and Your Favorite Playlist

"I loved reading Scorpions, Scones and your Favorite Playlist by Danee DeKonty. Her bravery and transparency in her writing touched me and opened my eyes to my own wounded heart and how to begin to heal."  -Kelly Thompson

"Danee DeKonty's latest book, Scorpions Scones and Your Favorite Playlist, is truly a one of a kind book. I have found great inspiration and a continuation of healing as Danee shares real-life stories of her own struggles and triumphs; along with the things that God has shown her along the way. The application at the end of each chapter allowed me to reflect deep down inside myself and ask some tough questions. Danee gets you to thinking in a way that I have not experienced in any other book. I have loved reading her book, and I feel that, through it, I have found additional freedom and have been able to allow God to penetrate His love for me in a new way." -Tiffany Thompson


" Danee opens up in a very raw & real way, which is refreshing. This book is not just for women. It's for anyone seeking true healing from the wounds of religion." -Jon Klover


Scorpions, Scones, and Your Favorite Playlist

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