November 29, 2016

“Will I always be rough around the edges?”

I was listening to a podcast by Matt Chandler and he was talking about Biblical community and how he loves that in a church small group you can have the woman who’s grown up in the church who feels guilty for the stealing the pen from the bank earlier in the day sitting next to the woman who recently quit working at a strip club and is puffing away on a cigarette not thinking anything of it.

He was talking about those who are new in the faith and are rough around the edges and their importance for the church community as a whole. That prompted me to ask God about my edge...

August 22, 2012

Last week was not my finest hour. It's not that I did anything stupid or caused a huge rift in a relationship, actually it's quite the opposite. As a result of (and now being on the other side of) being crabby for a week, I have been faced with the beautiful grace of God again. I wasn't feeling great or sleeping well last week and then something happened to some of the most amazing people I know. I mean seriously they are one of the kindest families to walk the face of this planet. And what they are faced with just sucks. It was one of those times that causes people to ask the question, "Why do bad things happen to...

June 10, 2012

This summer I get to teach the Bible to a great group of 6-12 year olds a couple times a week. I haven't worked with kids this age in a while, so the 1st time I met with them I asked what they wanted to learn about. Let's face it, unfortunately all of us have had to sit in a service or class that we find completely boring, and I don't want that to be what these kids remember of their Bible story time.


This is a seriously smart group of kids. The very 1st question asked was, "If GOD gave Moses the power to turn the stick into a snake, then why did He let the sorcerers do the same thing?" After several



questions abo...

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