October 17, 2014

Anyone who knows me halfway well knows I have been working on a project the last year that I know is from God. God has confirmed it in my heart and through other people time and time again, yet it remains that: an unfinished project or my first book to be more specific.

At first I put it down because the content was too personal. There was one chapter that after I finished it I felt like I had been through a war. I literally had to just hang out with God for a month to wrap my head around it all and allow Him to bring me into a deeper place of healing.

You see, the book is called "Scorpions, Scones, and Red Solo...

April 16, 2014

I've written before about how God so often speaks to me in song lyrics. I'm not talking about the songs we hear in church, even though they often speak to my heart in a beautiful way. No I'm talking about The Killers, Lee Brice, Evanescence, Tori Amos, Travis Tritt, and last week Billy Myers.

If the name doesn't sound familiar, years ago she had a hit called Kiss The Rain and it was so good I bought the whole album and every song was great. Last week it came up on my playlist and one song stuck with me: Opposites Attract. The song is about exactly what the title implies: two people who are complete opposites end u...

May 21, 2013

Several years ago I was reading where God was talking to Moses about destroying the Israelites in the desert but Moses "talked God out of it". This became an ongoing topic of conversation between God and me and from time to time I found myself asking Him to change His will. It didn't come from a place of haughtiness but only when my heart was genuinely in pain. I remember once a student was looking at being locked up for a good while because of a string of terrible choices made and my heart felt like it was literally going to explode at the thought of someone so young and full of potential in a situation like that....

January 19, 2013

It never ceases to amaze me how God speaks to my heart through the kids I'm watching. The twins I help with just turned one and are all about movement now. They are learning more and more what they can do and enjoy the freedom of independence. They are happy just to explore the living room, toy room, and kitchen, hoping the fridge gets left open and they can explore there too.

They have found the doorstop that makes a fun noise when you hit it...

They have discovered the air vents in the floors and even have managed to remove one...

They have also discovered the joy of bringing a toy under the dining room table,...

December 16, 2012

My best friend has been telling me about a show called Touch. I didn't watch it until a couple days ago because I had enough shows I was watching and didn't need to get hooked on anything else. Then I noticed it was on Netflix, so I started watching while putting away laundry and I must admit, I didn't want to go anywhere. Instead I wanted to put my jammies back on, crawl into bed and watch the whole series in one sitting.

The show is good, but that's not necessarily what got me hooked. More than being well written and produced, it is a phenomenal soundtrack for a conversation with God. The premise of the show is...

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