Uncut Stones

The other day I was reading Exodus 20 and again was blown away by the way God made the physical world to speak to our hearts on such a deep level. One reason I love the Old Testament is there are so many tangible examples of seemingly abstract concepts we struggle with today. For example, so many times we read how God instructed the Israelites to wipe out their enemy or make sure not to intermingle and marry with a pagan nation. At first this may seem harsh and cruel but when you look deeply into it, it is a beautiful example of the holiness we are to live in our personal lives. Once He has set us free from something and once we have experienced life in Him, there is the sneaky enemy of comp


This morning I got an email from World Vision telling me about Girl Rising, a film that will be airing tomorrow on CNN. From watching the trailer it is obvious this film is going to raise a lot of awareness about how women and girls are treated in many parts of the world, and I am wrecked... In the church world, in large part because to END IT, many are becoming aware and it's amazing to see what God is moving on the hearts of His people. And now with this film being aired on CNN, an even larger audience is going to see what has been happening on our watch as inhabitants of this planet. Outrage is the only logical response, and I am wrecked... I am wrecked because my heart hurts for the mi

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