Despite Myself

So there are some passages and stories in the Bible that leave me thinking "Really?" There are things my mind wrestles with. I still believe the Bible is the holy and inspired Word of God but like anything worth loving and devoting time to, it often leaves me wondering and trying to figure out and understand. And I think that wrestling is good and I'm thankful for it and I'm thankful for an education that has equipped me to know how to wrestle with it. And while I may not be a WWF, or WWE as it is now called, caliber wrestler, I am thankful that the Scriptures I love so much leave me longing for more: more knowledge, more insight... more of God. Yesterday was one of those days that left me p

A Beautiful Tension

Several years ago I was reading where God was talking to Moses about destroying the Israelites in the desert but Moses "talked God out of it". This became an ongoing topic of conversation between God and me and from time to time I found myself asking Him to change His will. It didn't come from a place of haughtiness but only when my heart was genuinely in pain. I remember once a student was looking at being locked up for a good while because of a string of terrible choices made and my heart felt like it was literally going to explode at the thought of someone so young and full of potential in a situation like that. So one morning we were all praying and my heart was overwhelmed with the plea

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