Tales from the Crib...

It never ceases to amaze me how God speaks to my heart through the kids I'm watching. The twins I help with just turned one and are all about movement now. They are learning more and more what they can do and enjoy the freedom of independence. They are happy just to explore the living room, toy room, and kitchen, hoping the fridge gets left open and they can explore there too. They have found the doorstop that makes a fun noise when you hit it... They have discovered the air vents in the floors and even have managed to remove one... They have also discovered the joy of bringing a toy under the dining room table, until they get stuck. Then the moment the realize they can move no more, I h

Glimpses Of Heaven

Every winter I find myself sleeping more and laughing less. I just feel kinda blah. It usually takes me a month or so to remember that this is the pattern. It has nothing to do with the actual circumstances of my life, nor does it reflect anything that's going on within me. It's just a reminder that because how I'm wired, I crave the warmth of the sun and the long days that occur as Winter comes to an end. It's January in Ga, but the last few days have been very warm. The temperatures have hit the 60's, but it's been rainy... Even though I can't see the sun behind the gray skies, I'm reminded by the warm temperatures that it's still there. And that makes my heart smile... The other day I

When Personal Convictions Get Confused With Biblical Truths

Lately it seems I've had several conversations with friends about the difference between actual Biblical truth and personal convictions. At Christmas my grandmother was saying that growing up she couldn't say "darn", "gosh" or several other words that sounded somewhat similar to a word considered bad. And while I understand that the heart of the idea of setting boundaries in order to keep from crossing a line is birthed out of pure motives, it quickly brings about bondage. I am a recovering potty mouth and anyone who knows me well knows the remnants of that old me are still lingering around, especially when I am mad, especially when someone I love is being threatened or attacked. So I unders

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